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Solar Energy Solution

We provide Solar Energy solution to Societies, by installation of Solar Photovoltaic System.

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Solar Energy Solution

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Solar Energy Solution

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Grid Connected SPV Rooftop System

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1. What is a Solar Rooftop System?
In a solar rooftop system, the solar panels are installed in the roof of any residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. This can be of two types (i) Solar Rooftop System with storage facility using battery, and (ii) Grid Connected Solar Rooftop System.

2. What is a Solar Rooftop System with Storage facility?
Such rooftop system has battery as storage facility. The solar electricity is stored in the battery and can be utilized during night also when the sun is not available.

3. Where such plants can be installed?
Such rooftop systems can be installed at the roofs of residential and commercial complex, housing societies, community centres, government organizations, private institutions etc

4. What is the average cost of grid connected rooftop solar systems?
The average cost of grid connected rooftop solar systems is about Rs. 80 per watt or Rs. 8.0crore per MWP capacity.

5. What is the Financial Assistance provided by the Ministry?
There is a provision of Central Financial Assistance of 15% of the total cost or Rs. 12 per watt or Rs. 1.20 crore per MWP under the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Plants Programme of the Ministry. This CFA has been reduced from 30% to 15%.

6. What is the size of grid connected rooftop solar system?
The rooftop solar systems from 1 KWP upto 500 KWP or in combination can be set up on the roofs.

7. How much roof area is required to set up the grid connected rooftop solar system?
About 10sq.m area is required to set up 1 KWP grid connected rooftop solar system.

8. What is the potential available in India?
According to a study conducted by TERI, a potential of 124 GWP SPV Rooftop plants has been estimated in the country. This can be achieved through active supports from the States.

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Source : Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Presentation